HUMAN BEHAVIOR   Lars Hilfling

I work in a field between photography and digital collages.

By deconstructing and resampling images from pop culture, social media, news and sports, porn and classical art, my digital photo collages are an investigation of gender identity, sexuality, and human behavior.

Through the investigation of this imagery the notion of ourselves as rational and logical beings is challenged. By collapsing space and time, the focus is the tension between emotions, urges, sexuality and violence.

This is apparent in the work ”We Want The World And We Want It Now” from 2020. Here athletes, soldiers, protesters, porn stars, and figures from historic paintings are fighting with one another in a confrontation across time and space.

The series ”Dogs Unleashed” from 2020, is inspired by wrestling in art, that has been used since the nineteenth century as cover emblem of homosexuality.

“Twenty Five Little Deaths” from 2019 is comprised of 25 classical portraits ranging from the 14th century to the 1900s. Their eyes have been replaced with the eyes of porn stars at the moment of orgasm.

In the photo series from 2018 “Somewhen” I have photoshopped figures from classical portrait paintings together with images from social media so the past and the current reside together in one image. It’s obvious that the person posing is aware of the act whether it’s a woman from the Renaissance era being painted or a young man dressed to party, posting a photo on Facebook.

All of my works are composed of many different photos and made up of facial and body parts from many different people.

All figures in the images are thus completely fictional despite the apparent photo-realism.

A work can easily consist of 50 different photos or more.

Lars Hilfling / 2020